Number of Canadian Airplane Accidents Rose in 2017

Airplane accidents rose in Canada in 2017, and pilots say the risk is going to continue to grow unless better safety oversight is adopted and enforced throughout the industry.

Increased number of “aviation incidents” and airplane accidents occurred in 2017

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) reported last February that the number of aviation incidents rose in Canada in 2017, but withheld any discussion for a more fulsome report on the numbers which is expected to be published soon.

An “aviation incident” includes a variety of scenarios that involve a malfunction or shutdown that creates a risk, whereas an airplane accident is more serious, and includes serious injury or death caused by an aircraft, or certain types of structural damages that necessitate major repair or replacement. The number of aviation incidents rose significantly, from 833 in 2016 to 921 in 2017, while the number of airplane accidents also increased from 229 in 2016 to 239 in 2017.

Canadian TSB pilots demand more stringent safety oversight

The Canadian Federal Pilots Association blames a decline in safety oversight for the growing number of airplane accidents.

Neglect and cuts to the safety and oversight program by the federal government have allegedly allowed small private planes, heliports and other sectors to be removed from any preventative safety requirements. Furthermore, they suggest that the application of commercial safety requirements is becoming, “increasingly superficial” and was creating a very real risk of a serious accident in the future.

Legal advice for Canadians injured in an airline accident

If you have been injured on an airplane, speak to a personal injury lawyer that knows about aviation incidents, and understand the legal and regulatory landscape that surrounds this industry.

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