Derfel Injury Law: The Personal Injury Professionals for Professionals

Our Business is to enable you to continue on with yours.

When you hire the team at Derfel Injury Law, you can trust that you will receive legal services of the highest caliber. You have high expectations. So do we.

With over a decade of experience handling a multitude of personal injury claims, our team has the skill and knowledge to pursue a remedy for your injury or loss, regardless of the cause. We provide services relating to Motor Vehicle Accidents, Boating Accidents, Aviation Accidents, Airplane and Airport Accidents, Out of Province and International Accidents, Cruise Ship Accidents, Slips and Falls, and Cottage Accidents.

We will also assist you with Insurance-Related Matters, including Accident Benefits, Life Insurance, Uninsured, Underinsured and Unidentified drivers.

Our team also focuses on Medical Malpractice and Professional Negligence, Product Liability, Bouncer Assault, and Disability.

Your story is our focus. We will get to know you and the details of your case intimately, right from our very first meeting. We will answer all of your questions, promptly return your messages, and put together a strategy that works for you.

What Can You Expect When You Hire Derfel Injury Law?

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Enriched Thinking

At Derfel Injury Law, we are creative thinkers. We formulate unique, successful strategies, and often uncover details about your case that others may miss. We pride ourselves on achieving outstanding results for our clients, and you can trust that your personal injury case will be handled skillfully by a team of dedicated professionals who have winning insights into the personal injury field. We are adept at anticipating the course of injury claims and will strive to help you foresee the likely outcome of yours.

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Getting You Back to Business (and Life)

We understand how difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating it can be to navigate through complex insurance systems and lengthy legal claims. At Derfel Injury Law, our sincere desire is for you to leave your personal injury claim in our hands so you can focus on recovering. Our clients feel confident leaving every detail of their case in our hands, and trust us to manage their claim while they get back to business and back to life.

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Client Satisfaction

It’s one thing to hire a law firm. It’s another to hire the same firm again. Our returning clients and numerous client referrals are a testament to the confidence our team inspires, our professionalism, and our track-record of success. We are grateful to have earned the reassurance of many clients who have required our services on multiple matters. Derfel Injury Law is also very proud to receive many referrals from other professionals and lawyers. We are honored to have gained this recognition from our peers, and strive to surpass their high expectations of our services. The people we have helped trust our firm to handle their legal matter from beginning to end, and they know we can handle it well. Client satisfaction is not just one of our goals, it’s our mission.

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