Remember To Look Out For Motorcycles As Warm Weather Arrives

We’re finally experiencing some warmer weather as Spring arrives in Ontario. As we approach the summer months we can look forward to spending more time outdoors, grilling food on the deck, and planning some fun vacations. One change that comes about every Spring that many people may not spend much time thinking about is the return of motorcycles to the roads. We wanted to take a moment this week to remind people about the return of motorcycles to the roads and some other tips about highway driving this summer.

Durham police urge drivers and motorcyclists to be careful

The Durham police department took a proactive approach last week, reminding drivers of both cars and motorcycles to look out for one another. Sgt. Matt Flower of the Durham police told Global News that everyone  needs to pay attention on the roads, reminding motorcyclists “You’ve got no protection around you other than your helmet, so whether it’s the motorcyclist’s fault [or] the car’s fault, motorcyclists tends to pay the price at the end of the day. So we’re asking you, look both ways, keep an eye on your mirrors, look behind you, make sure you’re situationally aware of everything going on around you,”

Meanwhile, the Province of Ontario’s website reminds drivers of four-wheeled vehicles to make room for motorcycles. Their website states,

“Motorcycles, limited-speed motor­cycles, mopeds and bicycles are harder to see because of their size. Drivers of these vehicles may make sudden moves because of uneven road surfaces or poor weather conditions. Because they are less protected, they are more likely to be injured in a collision.

Motorcycles use a full lane; treat them like other vehicles when driving. Since many motorcycle turn signals do not automatically shut off, be careful when turning left in front of an oncoming motorcycle with its turn signal on. Make sure the motorcyclist is actually turning; he or she may have just forgotten to switch off the turn signal.”

How to watch out for motorcycles

Motorcycles are narrow, which means they can easily disappear in a car’s blind spot or behind trailers or other objects around a car. Taking an extra moment to look for a motorcycle could mean the difference between seeing one or missing it. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s quick tips for drivers of automobiles adds that the speed of a motorcycle might be more difficult to judge since they are smaller, and as such, drivers should assume they are closer to the car than they appear. Motorcyclists may also reduce speed or down shift through the use of the throttle, which will not activate their brake lights. Because of this, drivers should take care to leave enough space between a motorcycle and their car in case an unexpected reduction in speed is needed.

Possible speed limit increases could be coming

The Ontario’s Minister of Transportation, Jeff Yurek, also recently announced that the province was considering raising the speed limits for Ontario’s 400 series of highways. He told Global News, “The 400-series highways were built for, I believe, a speed limit of 120 km/h safely,” adding, “I’ve heard lots of stakeholders mention that maybe it’s time to take a review of how our speed limits are in the province and we’ll have more to say next week on this issue.”

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