Cosmetic Surgery Malpractice and Your Legal Rights

Last October, a woman was arrested in North York after performing a dangerous cosmetic procedure in her basement. Her victim developed an serious infection a few weeks later, and required further corrective surgery to repair the damage. The woman had advertised through online classifieds, posing as “Dr. Kitty” to attract clients, and was charged with aggravated assault.

Cosmetic surgery always involves risks

Although cosmetic surgery and related procedures feel commonplace, they always carry a potential risk. If these are not performed by a qualified professional at the proper standard of care, these procedures may cause permanent injury or disfigurement.

Most savvy consumers would recognize that “Dr. Kitty” is not a real doctor, and that cosmetic procedures performed by unqualified individuals can be extremely dangerous. However, even when a procedure is performed in a situation that many people would consider safe – for example, at a commercial clinic by a trained professional – negligence may still result in serious injuries.

Take precautions when choosing to pursue an elective surgery

Potential patients can take steps to protect themselves as much as possible, by always choosing a doctor that has proper credentials and is in good standing with their professional associations, including the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons. Ask to see their portfolio of work, and ensure they have good experience performing similar surgeries.

Doctors should always explain the risks and benefits of any proposed procedure, and make realistic projections about potential outcomes for their patients. Anyone that guarantees results without acknowledging possible negative outcomes should be a red flag. Most importantly, make sure you feel comfortable asking questions and discussing concerns with your doctor, and the staff at their office.

Legal advice about a potential cosmetic surgery malpractice claim

Cosmetic surgery is risky, and not all negative outcomes are the result of malpractice. However, if you have suffered a serious injury after undergoing a cosmetic procedure, your treatment may have been performed negligently, or you may have received sub-standard care. A medical negligence lawyer with experience handling cosmetic surgery malpractice can help you determine whether to pursue a legal claim.

At Derfel Injury Law, our lawyers represent the victims of negligent cosmetic procedures, and help them obtain compensation for their injuries. Our personal injury team has decades of experience helping our clients get their lives back on track after a serious injury.  To  discuss a potential claim with a member of our team, make an appointment by contacting us online or call 416-847-3580.