Canadian Dies Ziplining In Thailand

As we near the end of another long Canadian winter, many Canadians may be planning their getaways to sunny destinations for next year. International travel can be an incredibly fun and rewarding experience. While almost everyone does everything they can to stay safe and avoid injury and illness while traveling, there are instances when people suffer from injury or illness when traveling outside of their home province or country. It is important to know how to proceed with a claim against at-fault parties should this occur.

Canadian dies in Thailand after falling from zip line

This week CTV News reported that a 25-year-old man from British Columbia died when a cable from a zipline he was riding on became disengaged. He was on a five-kilometer zipline course in a village called Mae Kampong, which is in the Chiang Mai province. The course was amongst the longest in Asian and contained 33 platforms that visitors traversed across on ziplines.

The man was on vacation with a group of friends, including his girlfriend. Family members in Canada were contacted and were reported to be on their way to Thailand.

The report stated he fell 100 meters to a creek below the zipline. Consular services in Thailand were reported to have been working with the family, and an investigation has been opened to determine the cause of the cable’s disconnection. In the meantime, the zip line operator has accepted full responsibility for the incident, stating there had been a “metallurgic failure on a swing.”

What should you do if injured outside of Canada?

The first thing that anyone should do if they or a loved one are injured is seek immediate medical attention. Once your health has been taken care of, it is important to speak to a layer to determine whether you are eligible to recover any compensation you are entitled to for injuries sustained. Foreign jurisdictions can be difficult to navigate, and travelers may not be familiar with the local languages, laws, or process for navigating the process.

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