Will There Be Legal Consequences for Big Sugar?

Big Sugar is facing increasing scrutiny as evidence mounts that they terminated research that linked sugar with cancer and heart disease. Similarly to big tobacco, there may be legal consequences if sugar industry groups actively suppressed information showing their products to be harmful.

Sugar industry research and Project 259

In 1968, the Sugar Research Foundation set out to study the impact of sugar on digestion. Their researchers discovered that rats fed sugar had higher levels of an enzyme linked to bladder cancer. They also learned that the digestive process was impacted by high sugar consumption, leading to high triglyceride levels. Triglycerides are known to increase the risk of heart disease.

When the preliminary findings of the study were reported, the Foundation cut off funding for the last three moths of research, and no results were published. However, internal reports indicated that the group was aware of the link between sugar and negative health consequences. The sugar industry has also been connected with pro-sugar research published around the same time that Project 259 was underway, that linked saturated fat with heart disease.

Will there be legal implications for Big Sugar?

There are other industries, including tobacco and pharmaceuticals, that have already become the target of lawsuits after evidence surfaced that they suppressed or otherwise obscured research that linked their products to serious, widespread health consequences. Legal experts are now following to see if the sugar industry is next. This year, Coca Cola was sued for knowingly misleading consumers by actively denying links between sugar consumption, obesity and heart disease.

Toronto product liability lawyers staying on top of legal developments

As new information comes to light, products that we once believed to be safe are turning out to be anything but. From cigarettes to opioids to sugar, evidence is beginning to point to a concerted effort to mislead consumers or otherwise obfuscate the truly dangerous nature of a product. Where companies, trade or industry groups have knowingly allowed consumers to suffer harm, they may face legal consequences.

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