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In The News – Laser Hair Removal Injuries

Jenna Bind, a woman from Vancouver, BC, suffered a painful injury following a laser hair removal session at Silky Laser & Med Spa. She brought a lawsuit against the clinic and Mehran Mahmoudian, the individual who performed the procedure, alleging negligence. The defendants denied any wrongdoing.

How common are laser hair removal injuries?

With non-surgical cosmetic treatments becoming increasingly commonplace, reports of laser hair removal and electrolysis injuries are also growing. Many consumers are unaware that these types of procedures are largely unregulated, and this lack of formal oversight can put them at risk.

While Health Canada does regulate the lasers used in cosmetic procedures, this is limited to the safety of the device itself: it does not require that the technician be licensed, and there are no minimum training standards for using such a device. There is no requirement that the procedure be performed by a medical professional, and indeed in many clinics, there is no on-site medical supervision whatsoever.

What are the rules for laser hair removal and electrolysis?

Ms. Bind’s case illustrates how difficult it can be for consumers to ascertain whether procedures will be performed safely and in accordance with industry best practices. She believed that she had done her due diligence by researching the clinic prior to her first appointment. She had been reassured by their website, which stated that all laser procedures were performed by “medical doctors”. Unfortunately, this claim did not appear to be true in her case. While Mr. Mahmoudian had a medical degree from another country, he was not a licensed medical doctor in Canada.

Other countries have implemented more stringent requirements for non-surgical cosmetic procedures.  In the United Kingdom, technicians using lasers in non-surgical procedures must be registered, and also meet minimum training and safety standards. More than half of US states also require on-site monitoring by a licensed medical doctor for any cosmetic procedure involving lasers.

The lasers used in these procedures are extremely powerful, and the risk of serious burns or injury is heightened without proper oversight.  Without regulation from the provincial government or professional body, there are few options for people who have suffered laser hair removal injuries, other than pursuing a legal claim.

Legal help for victims of laser hair removal injuries

If you have suffered a laser hair removal injury, or any other injury as a result of a cosmetic procedure, it is critical to  get legal advice as soon as possible. Our team at Derfel Injury Law has experience dealing with these types of injuries, and can help you identify and preserve the evidence necessary to support your claim.

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