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Travel Insurance Claim Denied? Some Common Reasons Why

Getting hurt or sick on vacation is inconvenient at best, and having to make a claim against your travel insurance policy is complicated and time consuming. When your insurer denies your claim, the inconvenience becomes a very serious financial problem. The right legal advice can help get your claim resolved more quickly.

Was your travel insurance claim denied?

There are two types of ways that travel insurance claims are denied. In the first instance, the insurer does not accept the basis of the claim. This means that the insurer does not think the cause of the injury or claim is covered by, or is excluded from, the policy. In the second instance, the insurer accepts the basis for the claim, but does not agree that the policy covers all of the claimed losses or expenses associated with the claim.

Common reasons for denying a travel insurance claim

There are some common situations where an insurer will completely deny a travel insurance claim, including:

  • When the insured is intoxicated;
  • Late stage pregnancy complications, including neonatal care;
  • The insured was abroad longer than the trip duration limit of the policy;
  • A claim arose while the insured was engaged in a high risk activity not covered by the policy;
  • The insurer did not approve or pre-approve the particular treatment;
  • Failure to disclose a pre-existing condition, or an error on the medical questionnaire; or
  • Not consulting with a doctor before claiming for trip cancellation.

In other cases, some of your claim may be covered, with only parts of the payment being denied.. Some of the reasons for having part of your travel insurance claim denied may include:

  • Staying in hospital beyond the length of time necessary for emergency treatment;
  • The amount claimed exceeds the policy limit; or
  • The supporting documentation for the claim was incomplete.

Toronto lawyers assisting with denied travel insurance claims

In many cases, denials can be remedied, depending on the reasons given and facts of your claim. The first step is to review any correspondence from your insurer and determine why something wasn’t covered.

At Derfel Injury Law, we specialize in assisting clients who have had their travel insurance claims denied. Our team of dedicated lawyers can help you understand your options after a denial, and work towards a fair resolution of your claim.

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