Trucking Accidents and Highway Safety in Ontario

Trucking accidents often cause extremely serious personal injuries. This past December, the Ontario Provincial Police took to the highways in a safety blitz to identify and report truck drivers that may be breaking the law or driving dangerously.

Safety blitz intended to reduce trucking accidents

The safety campaign, which lasted for five days and was advertised in advance, stopped thousands of trucks, laying over 1,500 charges and taking 71 vehicles off the road. Charges included:

  • Improper documentation;
  • Aggressive, impaired and distracted driving;
  • Speeding;
  • Following too close;
  • Other moving violations; and
  • Defective equipment.

Police also ticketed a number of drivers for speeding and dangerous driving around trucks and heavy vehicles. However, in 65% of collisions involving a transport truck, the truck driver is at fault.

Questions raised about the overall safety of Ontario highways

The campaign followed shortly after a tragic and serious accident last October on Highway 400, involving fourteen vehicles and two tankers, and causing three fatalities. This crash led the Ontario Safety League to demand a coroner’s investigation in to the safety of Ontario’s highways and how to reduce accident deaths.

The OPP laid charges against drivers involved in four separate transport truck collisions last summer, allegedly caused by inattention.

Ontario Personal Injury Lawyers for Victims of Trucking Accidents

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