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Auto accident involving two cars

Navigating the Challenges of General Damages in Ontario: The Impact of Increasing Statutory Deductibles on Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation

Individuals who have been injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident may have an entitlement to seek general damages, which are also commonly known as non-pecuniary damages or damages for pain and suffering. However, it is important to note that the process of receiving compensation for general damages in Ontario can pose some […]

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Father Seeks Insurance Defence For Negligent Parenting

Pursuing compensation for injuries suffered in an automobile accident can be a complicated and drawn out process. Identifying who is responsible for an accident and how those responsible are to be defended through insurance can be tough to navigate. A recent decision from the Court of Appeal for Ontario highlights these types of complications. Negligent […]

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Avoiding Back To School Bicycle Accidents

It’s almost time for children to be heading back to school. In most parts of Canada, the start of the school year provides great weather for children in close proximity to the school to ride bikes or walk to school. While it’s great to save energy and get exercise on our daily commutes, it’s also […]

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Right Of Way Not Always OK for Drivers

Conversations surrounding motor vehicle accidents inevitably contain the question, “Who’s fault was it?” The distinction between who is at fault in an accident has a significant impact on who is responsible for damages and injuries sustained in the accident. But assigning liability is not always a cut and dry exercise, even if it is clear […]

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When Is A Spouse Not A Spouse?

For most people, the word “spouse” is simple to define. A spouse is commonly understood to be the husband, wife, or common law partner of another person. But as we often see, definitions are not always so cut and dry with the law. Sometimes the definition of a term can change as common law evolves. […]

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