Elder Abuse

Personal Injury Lawyers for Elder Abuse Claims in Toronto

It is a sad reality that many seniors in our communities are the target of abuse and mistreatment. They can also fall victim to various forms of negligence at the hands of nurses, personal support workers, and nursing homes. We expect that our elderly relatives and friends will receive quality service and care tailored to their particular needs; however, intentional abuse and negligent errors can result in discomfort, illness, and impairment to our loved ones.

Types of Elder Abuse & Negligence

The types of abuse, mistreatment, and negligence that seniors may endure include:

  • Physical Abuse
    • May be evidenced by: bruises, burns, scratches, broken bones, sprains, dislocations, broken eyeglasses, and isolation of the elderly person
  • Sexual Abuse
    • May be evidenced by: trauma around breasts or genitals, unexplained sexually transmitted infections, unexplained vaginal or anal bleeding, torn or stained clothing, and evidence of psychological abuse
  • Psychological Abuse
    • May be evidenced by: threatening/belittling/controlling caregiver behavior, rocking, ambivalence, deference, confusion, hopelessness & helplessness, agitation, thoughts or suicide, and disorientation
  • Negligence by Caregiver
    • May be evidenced by: poor hygiene, weight loss, malnutrition, dehydration, bed sores, cuts, infections, unsuitable clothing for the weather, hazardous or unsanitary living conditions, and inaccessible water or food.
  • Financial Exploitation
    • May be evidenced by: unusual banking activity, signing documents without understanding their purpose, missing personal belongings, changes in wills/powers of attorney/policies, and the presence of unnecessary services or goods

Identifying Elder Abuse and Recovering Damages for Mistreatment or Negligent Care

The personal injury lawyers at Derfel Injury Law can assist you with claims against nursing homes, elder care centres or other caregivers for negligent or intentional acts that have caused harm to you or your loved ones. We have experience with understanding complex medical histories and the personal needs of elderly clients, which means we have the ability to bring comprehensive claims against individuals and institutions that have provided incompetent care.

We take pride in our ability to help our clients shift their focus away from the stresses of a legal claim so they can focus on recovering physically and psychologically. The long-term consequences of another party’s negligence can be devastating. The personal injury lawyers at Derfel Injury Law are skilled investigators, negotiators, and litigators, and you can feel confident leaving your elder abuse case in our hands while you focus on family, business, and returning to life as usual.

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Since there are strict limitation periods associated with personal injury claims, it’s critical for you to obtain the assistance and advice of a law firm with experience in the field as soon as possible. We want to help you preserve your right to compensation for the harm inflicted on you or your loved ones. Derfel Injury Law will help you understand the remedies available to you, and our compassionate team will represent you as though you are a member of our family.

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