Pharmacist Negligence

Medical Malpractice Lawyers for Injuries resulting from Pharmacist Negligence

When you seek the advice of a medical professional and you rely on the proper execution of their services, you trust that your health and safety will not be compromised. However, errors occasionally happen. We believe that any party whose negligence has caused you pain, suffering, or loss should be held accountable.

Pharmacists are not expected to be perfect, but they do owe a duty of care to everyone receiving his or her prescriptions. As healthcare professionals, pharmacists can be held liable for injuries if they fail to act as carefully as other pharmacists would have acted in discharging their duties. Injuries and illnesses resulting from pharmaceutical or pharmacist negligence can result from:

  • Drug side effects
  • Dispensing incorrect medications
  • Drug defects
  • Improper dosing
  • Incorrect prescriptions
  • Substitution of generic medicines by pharmacist
  • Pharmacy technician dispensing medicine instead of pharmacist

Consequences of Pharmaceutical Negligence

You and your family may be suffering long-term or permanent consequences as a result of a pharmacist’s negligence. Taking an incorrect dose of medicine or ingesting the wrong medicine can lead to hospitalization or home care. Additionally, you may lose income and your job may be at risk if you are unable to work for an indefinite period of time.

Pharmacies have pharmacist liability insurance, which can provide compensation to you for your injury, income loss, or costs of medical treatment if caused by the negligence of the pharmacy or its employees. Derfel Injury Law has extensive experience with pharmacist negligence claims and we can help you understand whether you have a claim for damages and the amount you would likely receive if your claim is successful.

Protecting Our Clients’ Rights to Compensation

If you’ve been injured as a result of pharmaceutical or pharmacist negligence, Derfel Injury Law will work with you to quickly address all of your questions and concerns, and we will formulate a plan to recover compensation for your injuries. It is upsetting to have to focus on legal issues when you are ill. We understand that you want to direct all your energies towards your recovery so that you can get back to your business and family. You can trust our medical malpractice lawyers to take charge of your legal claim, while keeping you informed every step of the way.

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Contact Derfel Injury Law as soon as possible if you have suffered injuries as a result of a pharmacist’s negligence so that we can protect your rights and ensure that you and your loved ones will be justly compensated. Failing to take the right steps immediately can result in little or no compensation, as the limitation periods that apply to medical claims are often much shorter than those that apply to other types of actions.

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