Texting & Driving

Personal Injury Lawyers in Toronto, for Clients Injured as a Result of Texting & Driving

Texting and driving severely impairs a driver’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. Texting and driving is considered by many to be more dangerous than driving impaired. Just as drinking and driving is against the law and can lead to property damage, injuries, and fatalities, texting and driving is also extremely dangerous and illegal. Serious consequences and immense loss often result from texting and driving accidents.

If you’ve been involved in an accident caused by texting and driving, you may be asking yourself:

  • Can I sue the other driver for causing an accident while texting and driving?
  • What coverage do I have through my own insurance policy?
  • Do I have a no-fault claim and can I get accident benefits if I get hurt, even if I was the person engaged in texting?

Proven Track Record of Success Pursuing Car Accident Claims arising from Texting and Driving

David Derfel and the team at Derfel Injury Law have been practicing personal injury law for over a decade and are highly experienced with car accident claims. If you are not at fault for the texting and driving accident, you may be able to initiate a car accident claim (known as a tort claim) against the at-fault party to recover compensation for your injuries.

Texting and driving claims are complicated and require a team with experience. There are many technical aspects to a claim, including time limits and evidentiary requirements. It is imperative to work with a legal team that has a deep and thorough understanding of the law when suing for damages and loss in a car accident as a result of texting and driving. Derfel Injury Law has experience with texting and driving cases and we have a proven ability to quickly formulate unique and effective strategies when representing victims of texting and driving accidents.

Our personal injury lawyers work hard to get our clients maximum compensation. By retaining Derfel Injury Law, you can rest easy knowing you have a team with the skills, compassion, and creativity to handle all aspects of your claim from beginning to end.

Accident Benefits for Injuries Sustained While Texting & Driving

In addition to pursuing a claim against the at-fault party to compensate you for your injuries, we can also help you obtain the accident benefits to which you are entitled. Statutory Accident Benefits are also commonly known as “no-fault” benefits or “AB’s”. They include: income replacement, non-earner benefits, caregiver benefits, housekeeping benefits, home maintenance benefits, attendant care benefits, medical benefits, and rehabilitation benefits. These benefits are governed by the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule – a regulation made under the Insurance Act of Ontario.

Even if you are responsible for your own injuries while texting and driving, accident benefits may be available to you. When we meet with you to discuss your case, we will help you understand your rights, and determine whether these benefits may be available to assist you with your recovery.

If you’ve been involved in a Texting and Driving accident, contact Derfel Injury Law in Toronto for professional service and advice

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