Disability Claims

Disability Insurance Lawyers for Denied Disability Insurance Claims

Accidents, injuries, and illness can strike at any time. Many employers provide their employees with short-term and long-term benefits. These benefits are meant to provide employees with an income supplement while they are unable to work. Typically, this includes short-term benefits lasting from a few weeks after the start of one’s disability up to 6 months. After 6 months, your employer will ask that you apply to receive long-term disability benefits. More often than not, the process of applying for and receiving disability benefits is complicated, overwhelming, and downright unfair. You may have questions and issues similar to the following:

  • Can I apply for disability benefits after I am in a car accident and receiving accident benefits?
  • My insurer has denied my short-term disability claim and will not provide me with an application for long-term disability benefits.
  • My insurer told my employer that I can return to work and my employer has terminated me for abandoning my employment even though I am still disabled.
  • My insurer is asking my doctor for medical forms and records which my doctor has not provided and now my insurer wants to terminate my benefits.

Getting the Advice you Need to Fight the Insurer’s Denial of Your Disability Benefits

Do not accept an insurer’s denial. Contact the disability insurance lawyers at Derfel Injury Law to get legal advice on your rights before making any decisions. In denying your claim, the insurer may allege that:

  • You are not disabled
  • You are not sufficiently disabled to entitle you to benefits
  • You made misrepresentations about your medical conditions on the application

You may not even be aware of the reason for the denial. We have over a decade of experience negotiating with insurance companies and litigating claims when necessary. We have repeatedly helped our clients successfully resolve conflicts with their insurers over disability claims. Failing to get the right advice could result in an insurer keeping what is meant for you or your loved ones. In addition to helping you obtain your disability payments, we can seek additional compensation for mental distress for breach of contract if warranted.

Don’t Hesitate to Contact Derfel Injury Law in Toronto for Help with Your Disability Insurance Claim

It is best to contact us as soon as possible following an insurance company’s denial of your disability claim to ensure a limitation period is not missed and your right to dispute the insurance company’s denial is not lost altogether. We will help you put together the evidence you need in support of your claim and help you resolve the conflicts you are facing. The disability lawyers Derfel Injury Law will work tirelessly on your behalf. Call us at 416.847.3580 or contact us online to schedule a visit at our Toronto office.